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”What a relief it was selling our home when interest rates were hitting us hard and a repossession was looming. EHS provided us with a fair and quick home sale considering the unpleasant situation we..”...Mrs Kingston

 ”We thought it was too good to be true when we heard that the transfer had completed and the funds were in our account. Its like our repossession nightmare vanished before us and we could carry on with our..”...Mr Collings

"Our house had been on the market for 3 months already with an estate agent and still no luck. We needed a quick home sale in order to prevent repossession of our home. EHS helped .."..Mr Bensin

"We rented back our property afterwards..

Stop Your Repossession Today

We are repossession specialists and are able to prevent the repossession of your home by providing you with an instant and guaranteed home sale. We have extensive experience dealing with problematic situations and understand that every persons situation varies.  We buy properties of any type and in any condition and can guarantee you a sale within 24hrs.

See below how we can help you:
  • Prevent Repossession 
  • Sell and Rent Back 
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Needing to sell an inherited property
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Relocation and Emigration
  • Ill health

We are able to make an offer on your home within 48hrs meaning the sale process will begin immediately. We are not estate agents so you will not be charged commission at all. Our home buying service is free to all South Africa home owners and there are no hidden costs.

NOTE:  We make you an offer based on the trade value of your property. This is usually anything up to 70% of the market value. We believe that our below market value offer is more than fair considering that we are providing you with an instant and guaranteed sale on the spot. 

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