Easy Home Sales is an established South African based company being the only service of its kind to date in South Africa. Our aim is to provide you with a tailor made solution what ever your situation might be. We are not estate agents and will not charge you commission for use of our service. We are not a large commercial firm where you would typically be nothing but a number, but instead we believe in a more personalised approach and aim to give you dedicated service on a more personal and confidential level. We have extensive experience in dealing with problematic situations and understand that every person’s situation varies. If a guaranteed quick sale is what you need right now in your life for what ever reason, let us help you. You are under no obligation at all. We will even offer you free advice as to the best way to overcome your situation. (Please note that even though our head offices are in Cape Town, we also deal in Johannesburg and Pretoria)  Our office address is:

1B Cavanard Building
64 Vineyard Road
Cape Town
South Africa

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We thought it was too good to be true when we heard that the transfer had completed and the funds were in our account.
Its like our problems had vanished before us and we could carry on with our lives …

Mr Collings