Home repossession is one of the worst predicaments fate can throw anyone’s way. Yet home repossession is a reality many people are having to live through, what with the current hard financial times which have caused many people to fall behind in their mortgage repayments. Nonetheless, faced with the gloomy prospect of home repossession, one need not throw their hands in the air in despair. There are some steps which one can take, to stop repossession, and save oneself the stresses that come with the forceful eviction which is likely to result from the home repossession, or at least ensure that they get a reasonable (market) price for their house.

Home Repossession In South Africa

Faced with the prospect of home repossession, many people panic, not knowing that there are companies that are established for the specific purpose of helping people in their predicament. These are companies which, approached with a client who is faced with repossession, can buy the house in question on short notice and at the going market prices or near offers. The money you get from selling the house to these sellers can then be used to repay the mortgage balance, and the balance might possibly be enough to pay the deposit on another home, thus saving the home from the sad prospect of destitution. If you can, selling your house to these companies is almost always better than letting it get repossessed. If your house is repossessed, it means that you have essentially sold your home for the balance on your mortgage – or whatever debt might be in question, and this is more likely than not to be a pittance compared to the market value of the house.

You might also consider refinancing your mortgage in a bid to forestall home repossession. If all that has happened is that you have fallen behind in your mortgage repayments, and your credit history is otherwise good, you might be surprised with the ease with which you can get a financier to refinance your mortgage. Of course refinancing the mortgage is just a short-term measure, but it can help you avoid the horrors of home repossession, especially if you (objectively speaking) see your finances improving somewhere in the future. Additionally, refinancing you mortgage is also likely to save you from the ruin to your credit history that letting your mortgaged house get repossessed is likely to cause you.

Then there is the albeit dim possibility of talking with the creditor who is threatening to repossess your home into delaying the repossession. Generally speaking, creditors don’t like the messy idea of home repossession and they only do it when the probability of your repaying what you owe them seems very small indeed – which they largely deduce from your attitude. Renegotiating the repayment period with the creditor might just buy you the time you need to put your finances in order, giving you the chance to service your mortgage or whatever debt it might be in time. Even when the prospects seem dark; you can still talk to your creditor and see what they have to say about the possibility of a renegotiated payment. By doing so, you have nothing to lose, and you have a home to possibly spare.

Of course in order to be able to stop repossession through any of these ways, you will have to avoid falling into a panic and get acting instead. Remember, the faster you act, the more options you have, as these things take time. And conversely, the more you delay, the more you cut your options. Alternatively contact a company such as Easy Home Sales who actually specialize in preventing repossessions on behalf of distressed home owners in financial trouble.”