Are you thinking of selling your property? If you are, have you answered the question, ‘how am I going to sell my house for top dollar?’ If you are still indecisive as to how you should proceed with selling your home or property then let this article shed some light on your best options.

When selling property there are two options:

• One of them is selling the property in an open market through the assistance of an estate agent.

• The other option is by selling your house privately where you the owner is responsible for the sell and the buyers buy the home or property from you direct and there is no middle man.

What you need to determine is which of the two methods of selling a property or home is the ideal one. Generally there are more advantages when you sell your property privately. If you are to sell your home privately you will cut down on the costs of having to hire an estate agent who is responsible for selling your property, therefore you will save lot of money for you will not be charged any commission. The next advantage of selling your house privately is that your home will be sold in an auction like manner. This way the highest bidder will take possession of your home. The advantage of doing this is that you will be able to sell your home up to as much as 80-90% of its market value in a short span of time.

If selling your home privately means selling your home for less than its market value, then is it a better way to sell your property? You may obtain fewer amounts but the secret is you get more when you sell your home privately because at the end of the sale you are not going to pay any commission, from the money you have got so as to pay the estate agents services. Another advantage is that your home will be sold in the shortest time possible so you will be able to get your money really fast and do whatever you had planned to do with it. So if you want to sell your property selling it on private basis will be a fantastic idea.

If you have made the decision to sell property on your own, how will you go about implementing it? You don’t have to worry about it as selling your home privately is an easy task. There are many professional home buying companies that will be able to assist you whenever you want to sell your home this way. There are professional companies which buy your home directly from you without any interference of a middle man. The scenario in South Africa is extremely good with quite a few property agents who are willing to render this service to you. Because they buy your home directly from you so you do not have to incur any extra costs and no commission is charged. For all these reasons and more, if you want to put your house on the market for sale, it makes the most sense to go with a professional home buying company which guarantees you the best deal without eating into your profits.