Too many homeowners have had traumatizing experiences when trying to sell property. Fickle and demanding customers rank among the most annoying obstacles that homeowners may face when attempting to sell property they own. Many homeowners find themselves asking the question, ‘Why is it so difficult to sell my house?’ The simple answer to that is because they are not going about it in the right way.

Often, homeowners selling property are doing so because they are in some sort of financial trouble. As was discovered during the subprime mortgage fiasco that rocked America in 2008, many homeowners overextend themselves on mortgages to purchase their homes. Even now, there are sure to be homeowners who have bought their homes through loans that they cannot really afford, and are desperate to sell their homes in order to avoid higher interest rates or even repossession of their homes.

The problem, however, is that selling property can sometimes be more painful than banging your head against a brick wall. Often, the cause of this frustration are the potential buyers. Too many homeowners have found themselves have found themselves thinking, ‘I finally managed to sell my house!’, only to have the buyer call back sometime later and back out of the deal.

Other buyers set multitudes of conditions for the sale, such as demanding that the entire house be refurbished before they will consent to purchase it. Some potential buyers even go so far as to ask that new furniture be purchased at the homeowner’s expense before they will buy the property. All of this is enough to hound any homeowner to an early grave.

Sometimes, however, there demands are justified. Some homeowners who need money very urgently may not have had the time nor the resources to refurbish their homes, and their homes may be in a condition of disrepair. Most potential buyers will refuse to even consider buying a home that does not look brand new or close to it.

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