Once in a while, there comes a time when you need to seek another home, probably because of a growing family, career move or simply the demands of living that dictate you must transfer to another place. So of course you want to sell your home to have a good start somewhere else by possessing a purse to dig in as needed. The bigger the nest egg is, the more comfortable you’d feel while in a strange environment, so to speak.

Sell my house now is something a lot of home owners today are saying. The first and foremost advantage is you’d most probably save in selling the property yourself. You will not pay any agent or broker commission, which, at times can be hefty indeed. Even a modest five percent commission on a hundred thousand rand sale can buy a lot of peace of mind when you are still trying to settle in your place, and you need all the support, most importantly the financial kind. Thus selling the property yourself would give you the best income from the sale, at least most of the times.

Next, you will gain practical experience in selling property, which might prove handy in a few instances, probably when you have to move again. There are many steps to take when selling property, and most of these you will have to learn. The additional knowledge won’t hurt, and it could even provide you with enough stimuli to make selling property a second income-producing endeavor for you, because real estate brokering can be lucrative, too.

Aside from the two primary advantages, you will also know more people outside of your immediate or usual circles. There are bank managers or at least account officers, prospective buyers from in and out of town, government officials or employees who will handle the formalities of the transfer of ownership, legal counsels who will create the documents of transfer, printers who will do your handbills and posters, newspaper editors for your print advertisements, and not the least, boys (and girls) who will distribute your handbills and tack your posters. All of them will be good to know, and could be of additional help later.

We stated above that there are many steps to take when selling property and many of them are tedious, especially for the inexperienced. For example, for simply making announcements that you are selling your property, you will need to create handbills or send an advertisement in your local newspaper at least. So you will have to draft a banner ad – create the layout, write the copy, and decide on what to include— if you eschew the line ads, which do not sell as fast as a display ad.

You will likewise have to deal with a lot of people, which takes time, effort and resources, not to say stress. If you want to sell quickly, selling property on your own may not be the method, despite the obvious advantages. It might be better to consult with a professional or company who sell property, who might even buy your property right away. They will know: they are the experts.