Most people retain the services of a real estate professional when they wish to put their homes on the market. This method of selling a house has several advantages such as the agent’s knowledge of the industry and the locality, his or network of customers and experience in selling – your role will simply consist of saying, “sell my house”, and paying the agent a commission when the job is done. However, you can also sell your home privately, and if you would like to do this, you will find the suggestions on selling property here very useful.

8 Steps to Sell Your House Fast Without a Real Estate Agent in South Africa

  1. Get Your Home Ready to be sell
  2. Do good research the Market & Set Your Price. …
  3. Gather enough Information & Draft Your Listing. …
  4. List Your property on the MLS. …
  5. Advertise Elsewhere both online and offline
  6. Hold an Open House. …
  7. Show Your Home online and offline.
  8. Be Prepared to Field & Negotiate Offers.

Selling a Home for The First Time South Africa

Be prepared for a fair amount of work when you want to sell property privately. First, you will have to do some research to find out when the peak buying periods in your area are. It makes sense to put your house on the market at such times, since the chances of a quick, profitable sale are higher when there is plenty of demand. Secondly, you have to decide on a price for your home. Be realistic about what you are asking; find out what market prices in your neighborhood are and what people are paying for houses of the kind that you are selling.

Your documents should all be in order so that there is no problem at the time of sale. Do ensure that this is so. You will also need the services of a real estate lawyer so that the sale can be completed in a legal manner. Make sure your house is ready to be viewed. Get any necessary repairs done, and get rid of clutter. You want your prospective buyers to get the best possible impression, so aim for perfection in the way your home looks when people come to see it. You should be prepared to show the house whenever required, even though this may cause you some inconvenience.

A good way to create awareness about your house being for sale is to advertise. You can post a free classified ad on the internet or get some flyers printed and distributed. Classifieds in your local newspapers are also a good idea. In addition, you can place an ad about your home on real estate sites, where prospective buyers are likely to see it.

When you get a buyer who is interested enough to make an offer, you can both informally come to an agreement. This is one of the best things about selling property privately – since there are no brokers or agents involved, it will be easy to make a quick decision with only the two concerned parties present.