‘Sell my house!’ is something many of us say to our real estate agents when we are hoping to sell property we own. And, while the real estate professional will do his or her best to comply with your request, there are many things you yourself can do to improve the chances of your home being sold. So if you are interested in selling property and want to put your house on the market, follow the suggestions here. You will find them invaluable when you are selling property, and you will be able to contribute more effort to the successful sale of your home than merely saying, ‘sell my house’ to your agent. Home Selling Tips Once you decide to sell your house, you have to decide whether you want to engage the services of a real estate agent or broker, or whether you are going to sell the house privately yourself. Both ways of selling property have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should assess them, and decide what suits you best. You also need to determine the price you plan to ask for your home. Set a viable figure that will satisfy you as well as the buyer of your house, keeping neighborhood home values in mind. Keep the price, and other details handy so that enquiries about your home can be answered promptly.

It is very important to prepare your house for viewing. Make sure that there are no obvious defects – attend to repairs before you show your home to a prospective buyer. Have your house looking as appealing as possible – it is a good idea to highlight its attractive features. For instance if you have a pretty garden, see that it is looking its best, or if you have plenty of space for storage in the attic, try to keep it cleared, so that that extra space can be easily perceived. Keep everything tidied away, even in personal areas like closets and bathroom cabinets, because a buyer is sure to want to take a look in there. It is also a good idea to minimize personal touches – you want your prospects to be able to picture themselves living in your home, so keep its appearance as neutral as possible. Top home selling tips for a quick and efficient sale. See advice from a number of excellent real estate resources from Easy Home Sales

You could also put some of your furniture into temporary storage, so that the house looks more spacious, and prospective buyers can imagine their own furniture in it more easily. If you are finding it hard to sell your house, perhaps because the market is not favourable for anyone to sell property, it might be a good idea to offer an incentive to buyers like builders and developers do – you might not be able to afford the generous gifts they offer, but a buyer will always appreciate a deal that has been sweetened with something free

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